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Space suits, also know as Hardsuits are suits that, with an Space Helmet can protect you of lack of pressure(Vacuum),fire and radiation.Try not wear one of this and you will die on space in the wrost manner.

There are several models designed for different departments.

Space Suit models

Grey space suit.png
Space suit
Found in: EVA.
Used for: Go to space.
Strategy: It only provides protection against vacuum and fire, but there's no protection against attacks.
A big, bulky, astronaut suit.

Mining Hardsuit.png
Mining Hardsuit
Found in: Mining outpost.
Used for: Vacuum protection.
Strategy: It's impossible mine without one of this.
Real larborer harduit.

Engineer Hardsuit.png
Engineering Hardsuit
Found in: Engineering.
Used for: Vacuum protection.
Strategy: It can prtect against vacuum, fire and have light armor protection.
Station engineers basic uniform..Used for fixing breaches and when setting the singularity.

Atmospherics Hardsuit.png
Atmospherics Hardsuit
Found in: Atmospherics.
Used for: Repressurize the station.
Strategy: It has the same bonuses that the engineering suit gives.
Used for repressurize the station.

CE Hardsuit.png
Advanced Hardsuit
Found in: Chief Engineer's Office.
Used for: Used by the Chief Engineer to repressurize and turn the engine on.
Strategy: Has more protection against brute, blasts and radiation than the regular engineering hardsuit.
An prototype hardsuit that has the biggest protection than other hardsuits.

Security Hardsuit.png
Security Hardsuit
Found in: EVA.
Used for: Used for protecting the station when there is a major depressurization.
Strategy: It has damage protection like the regular armor.
Space Security for Space Criminals.
Medical Hardsuit.png
Medical Hardsuit
Found in: EVA.
Used for: Medical Rescue.
Strategy: It's lighter than other hardsuits for fast rescue.Have disease protection
Used for rescuing someone on a low pressure area or rescuing a dead body on space that needs cloning.

Emergency Response team hardsuit
Found in: Centcomm.
Used for: Body armor for ermergency Response team.
Strategy: It can protect against fire, vacuum and against brute demage too!.
Basic ERT uniform, it comes in Command model(blue) ,Medical model (white) ,Security model (red) and Engineering model (yellow).

Red Space Suit
Found in: Can be caled by Syndicate agents by the Syndicate Items. Found on the derelict station too.
Used for: Extra vehicular activities.
Strategy: Can be used for go to space, but is faster to walk than the normal space suits.
An Syndicate suit used for hiding on space or infiltrate the station

Generic nukesyndie.png
Nuclear Agent Armor
Found in: Syndicate Shuttle.
Used for: Assaulting the station.
Strategy: Can be used for go to space, but is faster to walk than the normal space suits.
An Syndicate suit used for hiding on space or infiltrate the station

NASA Voidsuit
Found in: Telecomms satellite.
Used for: Telecomms maintence.
Strategy: Protection from vacuum,fire and radiation as an normal space suit and it's lightwight as the engineering hardsuit.
In a bygone era, it was the basic space suit. But now it's used just for fixing problems on telecomms. It has an similarity with the space suit from 2001: an space odyssey.